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The Scientific Initiation Meeting – SIC held by the FMP School of Law promotes scientific-legal investigation and provides the academic community with space for the presentation and publication of research on the tutelage to the enforcement of unconditioned rights. Participants include students from Undergraduate Programs in Law or other areas with research activity in scientific initiation, completed or under development, and with a transdisciplinary perspective in Legal Science.

The publications of the Annals include the abstracts of the best researches presented in each edition of the Scientific Initiation Meeting – SIC, an annual event promoted by the Research Coordination of the FMP School of Law. The Annals began to be published from the 4th edition of the Scientific Initiation Meeting – SIC, which, in 2016, fixed as a theme the tutelage to the enforcement of unconditioned rights, organizing itself in two thematic axes that constitute two working groups, namely: Tutelage to the Enforcement of Unconditioned Public Rights and Tutelage to the Enforcement of Transindividual Rights.

Standards for Publication

The abstract can be presented in Portuguese or English or Spanish and must be in the form of a plain text, in a single paragraph composed of a sequence of concise and affirmative sentences, with an extension of 150 to 500 words. In writing, the verb must be used in the active voice and in the third person singular, avoiding the use of neologisms, bibliographic citations, symbols or contractions that are not in common use.

The abstract must explain, for information purposes and without enumeration of topics, the following items: a) title and, if any, the subtitle; objective(s); methodology(s); result(s); and conclusion(s). Just below the abstract should be the keywords, preceded by the expression “Keywords:” separated from each other by a period and also ending with a period.

Graphic presentation must be on white paper in the A4 format (21 cm x 29.7 cm), with upper and left margins of 3 cm and lower and right margins of 2 cm, in a PDF document. Text must be typed in black with Arial font size 12, justified alignment and simple spacing.

Given the evaluation method (double-blind peer review), the abstract should not indicate the authorship of the Professors (Advisors) and the Higher Education Institution. The twenty abstracts best evaluated in each working group will be published in the Annals, provided that the average obtained is equal to or greater than 8 (eight) and the oral communication is carried out.

Editorial Board

Annals of SIC


Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Handel Martins Dias

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