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The Fundação Escola Superior do Ministério Público (FMP) arose from the initiative of State Prosecutors and Attorneys linked to the Ministério Público do Rio Grande do Sul (Department of Public Prosecution of RS) to offer legal education of excellence. Thus, the partnership between the FMP and the MPRS is in the DNA of the Institution and says a lot about our trajectory. Follow this content and learn more about the benefits of studying at the FMP, the only institution with an official MPRS approval.


Focus on defending the rights of society

The MP (Department of Public Prosecution of RS) is an autonomous body that defends society’s interests, being responsible for ensuring the correct enforcement of laws and the guarantee of the Democratic Rule of Law. The MP represents the interests of the collective, that is, the right to health, education, and a preserved environment, among many more. It is also the role of the MP to defend the life and rights of children, adolescents, the elderly and disabled people.

In turn, the FMP also carries out this mission. Cultivating values such as transparency, ethics, democracy, focus on the human being, excellence in knowledge, and social commitment, our institution seeks, through knowledge, to transform realities, defending democracy and social interests.


National recognition

The FMP is located in Porto Alegre, but is recognized nationally. In addition to teaching students from all regions of the country through on-line postgraduate and specialization programs in the DL modality, the institution has also been recognized twice with the OAB Recomenda Seal, the OAB seal of approval for the best Law programs in Brazil. Thus, by receiving the highest Brazilian distinction of quality in legal education, along with the highest grade in Ministry of Education (MEC) assessment for undergraduate programs, the FMP reaffirms its purpose of educating those who will improve our country. Another important commendation that the FMP is proud to have achieved is the Seal of Socially Responsible Institution, awarded by the ABMES (Brazilian Association of Maintainers of Higher Education), for the development of several projects in partnership with the MP.


Focus on Law

With a specific focus on Law and covering all its fields of work, the FMP offers a complete education for its students, from undergraduate to master’s degree. In addition to this, the institution also offers preparatory courses for public selections and specialization and improvement courses. The teaching staff is composed of professors with master’s degrees and doctorates, to ensure quality in education with academic excellence that meets social and market needs. Our commitment is to educate highly skilled professionals for the legal challenges of the contemporary world.

Now you know more about our partnership with the MP of Rio Grande do Sul! Here, at the FMP, you find excellence in the legal world.

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