FMP 37th Anniversary: 37 Years of Excellence in Teaching Law - FMP - Superior School Foundation of the Public Ministry

On November 30, the FMP will be celebrating 37 years of existence. Throughout this period, the institution has consolidated itself as an academic reference in the teaching of Law, with important achievements, such as the Seal OAB Recomenda (OAB recommends) and the Seal Instituição Socialmente Responsável (socially responsible institution), granted by the Associação Brasileira de Mantenedoras de Ensino Superior (ABMES – Brazilian Association of Higher Education Maintainers). It has also received 5 stars for the second year in a row in the Student’s Guide of the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.

Despite the atypical year, the FMP is going through a moment of consolidation of its trajectory, with an increase in the number of graduate students and as a pioneer in the use of new technologies, utterly necessary in times of pandemic and social distancing. Check out this news and celebrate with us the 37 years of the FMP!


Founded on November 30, 1983, by State Prosecutors and Attorneys, the Fundação Escola Superior do Ministério Público (FMP) is an educational institution focused on Law that has much to celebrate. During its trajectory, the organization has won the recognition of public agencies, private institutions, and the community in general. Known for prioritizing quality in teaching and for its academic excellence, year after year, the Institution reinforces its commitment to ethics, democracy, transparency, and social commitment, focusing on the human being and educating people to contribute to society. According to our President here at the FMP, State Attorney Dr. Fábio Roque Sbardellotto, one of the increasing concerns of the Institution is that of developing proximity to each one of its students. ” Our priority is the individualized and personalized service, considered to be one of the great differentials of our organization,” he states.


2020 has brought many challenges to society as a whole. The pandemic of the new coronavirus has imposed changes on our rhythm and lifestyle, transforming it in an abrupt way. Educational institutions had to adapt in several ways to ensure that students continued their journeys, always respecting health recommendations to face Covid-19.

Since 2017, the FMP has been investing in new technologies to provide learning opportunities in the DL modality for even more students. As of the emergence of the pandemic, the institution was already prepared to offer on-line classes with the utmost quality,” Sbardellotto explains. This translates into the great results that the FMP has achieved in 2020, with a 100% increase in the number of DL postgraduate students, beside the addition of students from all regions of Brazil. Even in a crisis scenario, the dropout rate was virtually zero, due to the efforts made by the Institution to keep its students active, with individualized support for those in financial difficulties.

Plans for the future

In the words of the FMP President, the “future of education lies in what began in 2020.” Specifically in the case of the Foundation, it resides in the continuity of what began in 2017 and has been strengthened this year. For Dr. Sbardellotto, the future of education is in a “flexible teaching methodology that meets the needs of the students, and in the emergence of another education model, much more horizontal, in which the student becomes the protagonist in their studies with the support of the institution.”

The FMP is an avant-garde institution, always concerned with offering the best conditions to its students. Therefore, our commitment keeps growing, as we adapt our methodology and learning resources and develop relationships between professors, students, and employees, to continue on a path of many victories and achievements. In 2021, the FMP will provide its students with the option of attending classes in person or on-line, ensuring individual autonomy and facing, in the best way, the uncertainties regarding the new coronavirus. According to Dr. Sbardellotto, “the plan is to continue investing in people, in the content of the programs and the quality of Law education.”

For 37 years, we have provided the entire academic community with the best in Law education, qualifying professionals and students to work in the legal area. Today, on the anniversary of the FMP, we reinforce our commitment to excellence, thanking everyone who is part of our history.

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