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The Follow-up Program for Alumni at the FMP School of Law aims to develop strategies to support and build loyalty from alumni from undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It is based on continuing education, professional integration, and participation in the institutional community, in line with the Mission and Vision of the Maintainer and the School of Law, as well as the with guidelines of the Ministry of Education (MEC) and the National Institute for Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (INEP).

To further value and acknowledge all the FMP alumni, a Gallery of FMP Graduates – Bachelors in Law was created on the 12th floor, where the names of all the groups that earned a degree in the Institution are exposed.

In order to maintain a bond with the alumni and assist them in the continuity of their studies and professional specialization, the FMP has created the Coordination of Alumni. The Coordination carries out several academic activities aimed at improving the knowledge acquired in the undergraduate program.

Alumni also receive a number of benefits that can be enjoyed at different points in their career.

  • Differentiated discounts for face-to-face and DL courses/programs – Specialization, Preparatory, Improvement, and Master’s Degree.
  • Legal Office: a professional space with complete and adequate infrastructure for the young lawyer, who already has the OAB License but does not yet have his/her own office, can meet his/her clients.
  • FMP Gold

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