In Company - FMP - Superior School Foundation of the Public Ministry


Attentive to the needs and demands of professionals working in the Brazilian legal scene, whose peculiarities require constant training and updating in legislative, doctrinal and jurisprudential changes, the FMP develops segmented educational solutions for the corporate environment. With renowned experience in specialized education, recognized as a reference in legal education that has won the respect of the market and society, the Institution shares its know-how by offering improvement courses and postgraduate programs tailored to the diverse demands of organizations. This educational model has the necessary tools for modern professionals who need to meet the demands of companies, public agencies, the third sector and corporations.


The FMP believes in the growth potential and success trajectory of those who seek to expand their knowledge in their areas of interest, always focusing on the best results. Here are some areas in which we operate:

  • Administrative Law and Public Management
  • Agrarian and Agribusiness Law
  • Child and Adolescent Law
  • Civil Law and Civil Procedure
  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
  • Digital Law
  • Environmental and Urban Law
  • Family and Successions Law
  • Labor Law
  • Public Law


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