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Art. 23. Public and private IES (Higher Education Institutes) must maintain a database for the registration of diplomas and make it available on the IES websites and, after due registration, they will have a period of thirty days to include the following data for public consultation:

I – name of the student who received the degree;
II – six central digits of the CPF (TIN) of the student who received the degree;
III – name and e-MEC code of the higher education program;
IV – name and e-MEC code of the IES that issued the diploma;
V – name and e-MEC code of the IES that registered the diploma;
VI – date of admission into the program;
VII – date of completion of the program;
VIII – date of issuance of the diploma;
IX – date of registration of the diploma;
X – identification of the issuance number;
XI – identification of the registration number; and
XII – date of publication of the diploma registration information in the DOU (Federal Official Gazette).

Sole paragraph. For the purposes of enforcement of this article, the e-MEC code is the registration number contained in the official database of information relating to the programs and IES of the Ministry of Education.

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