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Paulo Pinto de Carvalho Library

The Paulo Pinto de Carvalho Library, at the FMP, was founded in August 2002. It offers several materials and services to support your studies and other educational activities developed by the Institution. The Library has excellent infrastructure, offering resources like wi-fi, group study rooms, an individual study room with 27 booths and 2 totems to access our online catalog, in addition to more than 15,000 volumes, distributed in approximately 7,000 titles.

Library Mission

To promote the access, dissemination and use of information to support academic research and extension, contributing thus to the evolution and building of knowledge in an agile and qualified way, seeking the best qualification for professionals.


The Library’s collection is specialized in the area of ​​Law and related areas, consisting of various types of materials: books, periodicals, reference works and multimedia.


André de Oliveira

Ana Paula Goularte
Cristini Klippel
Fernanda Sinnot
Marta Ferraz




Guidance to ABNT Standards

Lectures are given in the disciplines of Research Methodology, TC I (Final Paper I) and TC II (Final Paper II) for the Bachelor’s Degree, as well as in the discipline of Research Methodology for the Master’s Degree. Individual guidance with a duration of 30 minutes is also offered in the library, and must be previously scheduled. We also offer fast guidance via telephone, e-mail and face-to-face meetings.

Academic Research Guidance

We offer the students academic support for their bibliographic research activities, helping them identify relevant sources and use search resources to locate the most relevant documents.

Interlibrary lending

The FMP library exchanges volumes with other institutions by means of a signed agreement, thus offering this kind of differentiated lending to academics who need works from these libraries. The student can request the Coordination of the Library to use this service, according to the criteria pre-established by the accredited libraries and also by the School’s library.

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